Belly Band
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Belly Band

Wrap the belly band around your dog's waist.  

Keeps your dog from marking or urinating inside your house.  

Protects carpet and furniture from dog urine.  

Great for traveling!

  •  Inside is lined with soft quilted fabric
  • Machine wash/tumble dry low or air dry flat (keep Velcro closed when washing to avoid damage)
  • Helpful Tip - use with a sanitary/incontinence pad and discard when wet.  (Generic brand maxi-pads work great!)


SIZE MEDIUM - dimensions 4" x 18"

Fits waist circumference of 14" to 17"


SIZE LARGE - dimensions 4" x 21"

Fits waist circumference of 15" to 19"


Handmade in the USA


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Belly Band

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